Storck Road Bikes

Fascenario 0.6

“Even lighter and technically more remarkable”

Fascenario 0.6 is reaching out for the contructive peak values of the Fascenario 0.7 IS and the technical highlights of the Aero2. Integrated brakes in fork and rear set standards in the race-bike-industry. Integrated wires, focus on Shimano’s Di2-technology and the use of high-quality UD fibres combine perfectly with the attractive frame-design. The technically outstanding frame-set, including brakes and Powerarms SL.




Fascenario 0.7

“Competition riders best choice”

"World Champion" and test-winner in 2007 (Tour-Magazin 03/2007), 2010 (Tour- Magazin 03/2010) and 2011 (Tour-Magazin 03/2011). Second lightest frame set in the world (after the 0.7 IS) in 2008 test of Tour Magazin. Competition riders' best choice. Super high stiffness but very high comfort due to the V.V.C process. Fantastic stiffness to weight index. Very expensive 1K fiber weave. Feel like a champion, ride like the best.





“Recommended for fast riders”

An incredibly stiff race frame made in the classic carbon bladder manufacturing process and designed to put you in full control. It will find whatever talent, strength, and stamina you have. The unidirectional, high modular fiber combined with the unique design (part Absolutist and Fascenario), has produced a bike with an unbelievable stiffness to weight ratio. We only recommend this bike to people who know how to ride fast. Available in matt black or white.



Fenomalist DI2

“High tech at his best”

The brilliant features of the Fenomalist with its dynamical design meet the DI2 technology. Complete inside wiring routing and a discreetly positioned battery guarantee a perfect entrance and high tech at its best.





Absolutist (NEW!)

“Oversized Aero fork and unique headset”

"Form follows function": proportional tubing, bottom bracket with Pressfit-Standard, the oversized Stiletto 340 fork and the unique headset (from 1 1/8“ to 1 1/4“) provides even more stiffness and more comfort. Internal cable routing and the redesigned frame make this bike perfect. The Absolutist is a remarkable racing machine with the best handling.





Scentron (NEW!)

“Everyday use in training and competition”

Biking on the highest Storck level. High stiffness for forward propulsion and fast descents make the Scentron a suitable bike for everyday use in training and competition. The bladder monocoque frame with its voluminous tubes and the brand-new Stiletto 340 fork guarantee convincing technical value. The Scentron is a special highlight within the Storck product range due to the time and craftsmanship we have put into the use of electronic gearshifts.




Scenero (NEW!)

“Lightweight design at an affordable price”

Training or Competition, Olympic Distance Triathlon, Middle Distance or Bike-Marathon – Scenero supports its rider through its aero-dynamical and supportive construction. Weight, design and a affordable price had been the main focus during its development. The result is a light and yet day-to-day frame for all purposes.




Visioner (NEW!)

“Light, comfortable and stiff”

High-end and perfected alloy frames are a tradition for Storck. The Visioner is Storck's new development and set new standards in the alloy segment. Triple butted and optimized tubes, internal cable routing and a new comfort seat stay are remarkable features. The new Visioner is universally compatible with classic as well as electronic gearshifting. It is a light, comfortable and stiff racing bike.




Scenario Pro

“Indestructable, stiff and beautifully light”

Best alloy frame available all times. The result of years of development and experience in frame building. Hand-made with premium custom tubing with smooth weld technology. This is the Scenario Pro: indestructible, stiff and beautifully light.