Cervélo S5.
Haute Performance.

It is the only road bike to have won as much as 5 times more stages than any other bike in the 2016 Tour de France.

Which means that it has no rival in terms of consistent performance.


Consistent performance that puts you first:

Standard Easy-To-Find-and-Replace Parts

The S5 uses standard parts like stem, handlebar and caliper brakes that are easily available anywhere, should you want to change them, or need to replace them. To make things easy for you, the S5 does NOT use any special, proprietary braking systems or cockpits.

"What? How can that be aero??" you ask, “Everyone’s going Integrated!”

No Integrated Headaches

By the way, have you tried adjusting or even trying to fine-tune brakes that are fixed under the bottom bracket (BB) or those that operate like a mountain bike's "V-brakes"? You'll quickly find out that those kinds of brakes can be a real pain.

How so? Imagine fighting to have a road bike's V-brakes centered properly, so that it doesn't always pull to one side and have the brake pad dragging on your wheel's rim, slowing you down.

Don't believe me? Just ask any bike mechanic who has had to tune those kind of brakes and bottom-bracket mounted types.

But, when will you actually need to tune those kind of special brakes?

The answer: When you swop between your training wheels and race wheels. Many wheels nowadays have rims that are wider than training wheels, which means that you’ll have to adjust your brakes wider or narrower to fit.

Just try fiddling around on bikes with those kind of brakes the night before race day.

Or when you just want to try using your shiny new race wheels ASAP.

Do You Have Team Car Support, Or Are You a Privateer?

Imagine yourself, trying to adjust your brakes, as Singapore's warm (and sometimes stifling) humidity gets to you, increasing your frustration and anger. You'll be cursing the brakes. And you'll even start wondering if the designers actually fix their own bikes. Or if they even consulted a mechanic during their design process.

Not every privateer has their own team of mechanics and a garage, or team car full of spare bikes to hop onto if something goes wrong with the first one. Much less the weekend warrior like you and me who just wants to go out and ride. If something goes wrong, people like us will have to fix our own bikes.

To completely avoid the problems these kinds of brakes can give, Cervélo has designed their aero seat stays to actually shield and direct air over the rear brake calipers.

This is where Cervélo has very wisely, and thankfully, stuck to the way that has your best interests at heart.

The simpler way. The way that is, as their slogan also calls it...

Simply Faster.

Let's You Have More Time Doing The Things That Matter

Spend less time wrenching your bike, and that means you've more time to ride and enjoy your bike. No fiddly little proprietary stuff to muck around with. Nothing to fail on you. Nothing to let you down.

Imagine if your bike had special little designs that had equally special little parts. Imagine having to go to the mechanic every time you needed to adjust your special brakes.

Or imagine not being able to adjust the special cockpit yourself, just because you wanted to raise or lower it to try for some extra comfort. You’d have to make a trip (or a few) down to get a mechanic to make all those adjustments for you. That’s going to cost you petrol money + parking, or taxi fares, and your time.

All the little expenses and time lost is going to add up to become a huge one. Wouldn’t you rather use all that time to go out cycling instead? Or using all that petrol money and taxi fare you’ve saved, to give yourself or your loved ones a little treat?

Something Special.

Now imagine, a few years down the road… Would those special little parts still be available as spares for you to order? Or are they going to tell you, with an apologetic face or in a deadpan way, “Oh, sorry, they no longer make those parts…” or "It'll take us 3 months to get them in..."

Thankfully, the great design and engineering brains at Cervélo thought to put you first.

(I suspect they know fully well the frustrations that could drive a normal cyclist like you and me crazy.)

Brilliant engineering and design really does help to solve problems, and makes things easier for the rest of us! It can only be called engineering if it solves problems or makes live easier, not to create more problems for you.

Save yourself the headaches, time and money by getting a bike that keeps things simple, and will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Get a bike that, despite its simplicity, delivers a performance so consistent that it won the most stages in the 2016 Tour de France.

Get a bike that has your best interests at heart and puts you... First.

Now that's what you'd call Special!

Some testimonials from customers who bought the Cervélo S5:

"What a bike ! super smooth, the handling is phenomenal and I have felt a significant difference in less output at higher speeds, big time." - Neal de Roche

"I was set on a cervelo s5 and... having the reassurance of the great aftercare offered by the team at bnb was well worth the extra few percent. Oh and the s5 is awesome by the way." - Danny Higgins

For your best interests and success,

P.S. I'm also sure that you've done your research and heard of possible "creaking" issues from the bottom bracket. Rest assured, this isn't a "BBRight issue", as this creaking problem is faced with almost any bike that uses a press-fit (PF) bottom bracket.

The problem comes from a bottom bracket (BB) that has to be pressed in (instead of screwed in firmly) and uses the friction between the frame and BB shell to hold it in place. If I'm not wrong, due to the "harder" frame squeezing the stock "softer" plastic BB shell that the bike (except the S5 MTN Quebeka which uses Ceramic Speed) comes with, the bearing itself could face extra loads and noise is caused from it or the plastic BB shell.

A solution that I've used myself was to change the BB to a metal-bodied one by Wheels Manufacturing.

Wheels Manufacturing have PF30 BBs (which is actually what Cervélo uses) that fit onto the frame, and allow:

  • The use of Shimano crankset without adaptor.
  • A press-fit BB that also has threads that allow the two metal BB cups to screw into themselves, therefore giving a much more secure fit.

Personally, I have not experienced any creaking on my S5 after using a Wheels Manufacturing PF30 BB. So, if you're getting a Cervélo bike or any one that uses a press-fit BB, I'd highly recommend changing the stock BB out to one by Wheels Manufacturing.

Cervélo bikes also come with a lifetime warranty against defects for the first owner. Of course, they're not the only ones to say that they give a lifetime warranty. You may discover that not every brand will recognise their warranty (even if it was a genuine issue that happened to you) and not every shop will want to take the trouble to help you.

That's again where Cervélo puts you first. Their warranty is one of the best I've ever seen.

And I've seen people coming in with bikes a few years old, and leaving with new frames after their warranty is approved.

Now that's the kind of warranty that says "We stand behind our bikes!" and also the kind of trust that puts your mind at ease!

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