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Cervélo P5X

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We’ve taken everything that makes the S3 such an aero class leader and made it stronger, stiffer and ultimately, faster. Cervélo only launches a new bike when significant performance gains have been made, and by integrating our disc-brake technologies into the world championship-winning S3 we have done exactly that. The S3 Disc is stiffer and more aerodynamic than its rim-brake counterpart while continuing to make the most of the lightweight design rooted in our Project California research facility. All of this translates to superior handling and control, giving you the confidence to pull away from the peloton or put the hurt on a Saturday morning group ride.


A completely redesigned chassis combines new, more robust airfoil sections with a rear triangle borrowed from our revolutionary Rca road frame. Our Dropped Downtube enhances frame stiffness while the flattened trailing edge makes bottles an integral part of the bike’s airfoil design. Overall improvements focus on all the perks you want in a workhorse of a bike: Future-Proof cables allow for easy set up of internal electronic, mechanical, or hydraulic shifting and braking lines.


The all-new S3 Disc fork features a re-engineered leg airfoil that’s 19g (~2 watts) faster than an equivalent S3 fork. The disc braking system also allowed our engineers to raise the fork crotch to reduce the low pressure zone behind the crown, while widening the stance of the legs to better blend with the caliper-mounting area and fine-tune interactions with the front wheel.


Re-engineered seatstays and chainstays, inspired by the Cervélo R3 Disc, have been optimized to work in tandem with the disc brakes to provide the best possible control and handling. New rear drop-outs, meanwhile, use 12mm thru-axle technology to improve performance still further, while creating a stable and stiff wheel-to-frame junction and yielding better brake alignment. As with our other disc platforms, this increases stiffness in the back end, leading to better handling in corners. We’ve also boosted bottom-bracket stiffness on the S3 Disc for better handling and power transfer to the pedals.


A redesigned cable routing system takes the signature side-entry cable routing system of the S3 and incorporates a new style of left-side entry to accommodate the hydraulic hose while providing a tidy access point for wired electronic shifting systems. Just one more detail to which Cervélo has paid careful attention. We also imported the internal battery mounting feature from the Cervélo S5 in order to better conceal the Shimano Di2 battery inside the downtube, with access through the bottom-bracket cable guide mounting hole.


R3 Disc - Beyond the Brakes

Cervélo doesn’t embrace new technology just because it’s available and popular. Integrating disc brakes into the Tour de France-winning R3 meant a lot more than simply slapping them on. First, the technology had to be on track for UCI approval — the R3 is a renowned road-racing force, after all. Then we needed time to test, test and test again to ensure the optimal balance in aerodynamics, weight, stiffness and all the other factors that separate Cervélo from the competition. Fact is, details matter when changes are made to iconic frames, which is why you can trust us when we say that the R3 Disc is well worth the wait.

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"The R3 Disc is... well-thought-out, light, has aerodynamic flourishes, and is intended to be a high-performance bike." -


Available: Size 48, 51, 54, 56

Cervelo C3 - Further, Faster

The C Series’ more value-conscious endurance model is the perfect fit for serious cyclists looking to get off the asphalt and extend their seasons. The C3’s increased tire clearance, a lower bottom bracket and longer chainstays inspire confidence on mixed surfaces while delivering a longer, more comfortable day in the saddle. Speaking of confidence, the C3’s top-of-the-line disc brakes deliver exceptional control without sacrificing performance.

Available: Size 48, 51, 54

C5 - Engineered To Endure

Cervélo has always pushed high-performance cycling to new heights, and is now taking it to new surfaces and seasons with the launch of the C Series platform. The inaugural model, the C5, is designed to inspire confidence through a new endurance fit that delivers predictable, stable handling. It combines the exceptional lightness and appropriate stiffness engineered into every Cervélo – including an all-carbon fork from the pioneering Project California team – with a uniquely integrated disc-braking system.

bicycling logo "...The C5 is a real hard charger. Its planted ride quality, combined with powerful Shimanodisc brakes, thru-axles front and rear, and large sticky tires, meant I could push pretty aggressively and still feel in control." -

Gear Patrol logo"The C5 performed especially well on high-speed descents, where I found myself enjoying the stability through turns instead of backing off as I might on a bike with more sensitive steering. " -

Available: Size 48, 51


Cervelo was founded in 1995 and is the world’s largest manufacturer of time trial/triathlon bikes and one of the fastest-growing manufacturer of road bikes. 

Cervelo’s mission is to focus on engineering better bikes to push the boundaries in products, pro-cycling and time trial/triathlon.

Cervelo frames in store:

  • 2019 P5X: Size S, M
  • 2018 P5X: Size S, M, L, XL (Frameset price now at SGD9900)
  • 2018 P5 Six: 48, 51, 54 (Frameset price now at SGD7190)
  • 2014 P5 Six Black Red White: Size 45, 48, 54 (Frameset price now at SGD4990)
  • 2018 P3: Size 48, 51, 54, 56, 58, 61
  • 2016 P3: Size 54, 56, 58
  • 2019 P2: 48, 51, 54
  • 2018 P2: 48, 51, 54
  • 2017 P2 (white/red): Size 48, 51, 56, 58
  • 2015 P2 (black/grey): Size 58
  • 2014/2015 P2 (white/blue): Size 45 (650C), 56
  • 2019 S5 Disc: Size 48, 51, 54
  • 2018 S5: Size 48, 51, 54, 56
  • 2017 S5 Team Dimension Data LTD. ED.: Size 51, 54
  • S5 VWD 2014: 56
  • S5 Team 2014: Size 56
  • 2018 S3 Disc: Size 48, 51, 54, 56 (Complete bike Prices start at SGD5393)
  • 2018 S3: Size 48, 51, 54, 58, 61
  • 2016 S3: Size 54, 58
  • 2018 S2: Size 48, 51, 54
  • 2017 S2: Size 58
  • 2014/2015 S2: Size 51
  • Last Version RCA: Size 51, 54
  • 2019 R5 Disc: 48, 51, 54
  • 2019 R5: 48, 51, 54, 56
  • 2018 R5 Disc: 48
  • 2018 R5: 48, 54, 56
  • R5 Disc Classic Ltd Edition Camo: 48, 54
  • 2016 R5: Size 48,58 (Frameset price now at $3990)
  • 2019 R3 Disc: 48, 51, 54, 56
  • 2019 R3: 51, 54
  • 2018 R3 Disc: 48, 51, 54
  • 2018 R3: Size 48, 51, 54, 56
  • 2016 R3: 54
  • 2014 R3: 54
  • 2019 R2: 48, 51, 54, 56
  • 2018 R2: 48, 51, 54, 56, 58
  • 2016 R2 105 Black-Red: Size 54, 56
  • 2015 R2 105 Grey-Orange: Size 54
  • 2018 C5: Size 54
  • 2019 C3: Size 51, 54
  • 2018 C3: Size 48, 51
  • 2019 C2: 51

Updated 8th November 2018

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  • Water Bottle Cage Bolts - 2 Nm
  • Stem (to handlebar/basebar) - 8 to 12 Nm for aluminum handlebars
  • Stem (to fork steerer tube) - 4 to 5 Nm
  • Bottom Bracket Cable Guide - 1 Nm
  • Brake / Shift Levers - 5 to 8 Nm
  • Brake Calipers - 8 to 10 Nm
  • Rear Derailleur Hanger Bolts - 1 Nm
  • Stem Top Cap - Apply only enough torque to remove all headset play while ensuring it rotates freely. 1 to 2 Nm is recommended.
  • Aerobar extensions (to basebar) - Refer to manufacturer's specifications
  • Aerobar extensions (to armrest bolt) - Refer to manufacturer's specifications
  • Saddle (seatpost head bolt):
    • Aero Tri / TT Seatpost (P2, P3, P5, T4) saddle clamp bolt - 12 Nm; Seatpost head to seatpost rail bolt - 6 to 7 Nm
    • Carbon Two Offset Seatpost (S5) saddle clamp bolt - 12 Nm (Note that two Allen keys are required to prevent the bolt from turning while applying the proper torque; this must be verified using a torque wrench. Insufficient torque will cause the saddle to slip, possibly causing premature wear to the clamping mechanism.)
    • Carbon Single Offset seatpost (S2, S3) Saddle Clamp Bolt - 12 Nm
    • Round Road Seatposts (R3, R5, Rca) - Refer to seatpost manufacturer's instructions
  • Seattube Collar:
    • Carbon TT Seattube Collar (P5) - 4 Nm
    • Wedge Type Seattube Collar (S2, S3, S5, S5 VWD, P2, P3) - 8 Nm
    • Non-round Seattube Collar (R3, R5, Rca) - 6 Nm

Note that collar & bolt must be greased; aluminum seatposts greased, carbon seatpost coated in carbon assembly compound.

  • Pedals - 30 to 35 Nm
  • Wheels - Measured torque is not used for quick release wheels. The recommended industry practice is to close the release so that the resistance at the midpoint of the lever's travel from fully open to fully close.

Source: Cervelo manual

Date of post: 28th March 2016