Our Co-Founder Helena Hills once lived in Colombia and is passionate about farmer welfare. All our beans are sourced from well-motivated farmers in Colombia, where farmers are far less likely to be affected by stock market fluctuations in price than farmers in some other countries.

As a result of coffee’s enormous economic importance, the coffee growing community in Colombia has a specific historic structure. Colombia doesn’t have huge farms of thousands of acres of land owned by one person. Instead, the industry is defined by the fact that over 90% of the coffee-producing land is owned by small farmers that have less than 2 acres each. Colombia is also the only coffee-producing nation to have a supporting National Federation of Coffee Growers, which provides an economically and socially viable alternative to Fairtrade by negotiating government subsidies if the stock market price falls significantly. That’s what makes the industry less vulnerable and an attractive business for more than 500,000 families.

Farmers growing TrueStart Coffee beans are also part of a major support and social welfare foundation called the Red de Apoyo Social. The foundation receives significant investment to support coffee-growing communities in 6 major focus areas; nutrition, education, entrepreneurship, support in calamities and natural disasters, improving quality of life and environmental and sustainable development.

Quality Coffee

TrueStart Coffee is produced using only the very best single-source Colombian Arabica beans, hand-picked at high altitude (read more about why elevation matters here) for their distinctive, beautifully balanced aroma, enlivening flavour and delicious nutty undertones. Our beans are gently roasted, ground, then extracted with water to recover the flavour and aroma, in a similar way to a coffee percolator.

Our coffee is then delicately freeze-dried, not spray-dried, meaning the quality of the flavour and aroma are protected by the very low temperature and gentle drying conditions. TrueStart Caffeine Control technology uses water and no synthetics at all, so the result is an incredibly smooth and rich soluble coffee that is full of character and gets you out the door.