Q36.5 Salopette Elite Bib Shorts

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Salopette Elite, Cycling Bib Shorts

The ultimate cycling short.

The name Elite refers to the special unit of the Military Corps and, just like this special unit, the bib short is something

 essential and effective
. The Salopette Elite is super light, protects and is also smart as it provides

 excellent temperature control
  1. Super light
     – this is the lighter bib short of our Collection yet it doesn’t sacrifice comfort: 148gr (size M)
  2. Protective
     – thanks to the special Dyneema® yarn used for the inserts on the side panels and seat area, the short has an extraordinary resistance in case of a crash, does not pill in the seat area and allows for a more stable position on the saddle.
  3. Smart
     – the bib short provides excellent temperature control maintaining a consistent body temperature and reacts to different temperatures
     thanks to the conductive properties of the two combined fabrics that we use. The Dyneema® insert coupled with our other high-density woven fabric are designed to work like a radiator; storing excess heat and releasing it into the environment. The Salopette Elite helps keep the body temperature stable
     even during more passive stages of training or races in variable weather conditions. A common problem is the crotch area overheating, to combat this we have re-designed the Chamois Fusion and now introduce the Chamois Fusion Vented

    * with light perforated panels at the front part of the insert.


  • 59% Polyamide
  • 31% Elastane
  • 4% Polyethylene
  • 2% Polyester
  • 1% Carbon Fibre (PAC)


  • 148 g


  • Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 18°C
Size: XXL

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