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  • Paul and team are a fantastic bunch. Helps that Paul stocks size 54 frames which happen to be my size!!!
    Hazza Mcfazza reviewed Bikes n Bites – 5 star 2 February at 20:24 ·
  • Impeccable service from Paul and his crew. Got myself a xentis squad 4.2 for a few mths now, and I'm loving it! The rolling was super smooth and I really enjoy my ride now.. Trusted the crew and their recommendations and finally got myself a S5! Really appreciate the help and advise given, without any hard sell.. Making me feel so comfortable and not judged!
    Alvin Xie reviewed Bikes n Bites – 5 star 11 December 2016 ·
  • I have got a Focus Cayo frameset setup by Bikes n Bites. The service level rendered by Paul and David is top notch. In fact it is one of the very best in Singapore. David is has eagle eyes and is very detail minded. Has done a perfect setup for my bike. As to Paul, there is no hardsell and will offer you loads of advise. In fact, my frame purchase is a small deal, but he does not differentiate. Kudos to the team and i could see the sustained success of this shop with them around.
    Adrian Teo reviewed Bikes n Bites – 5 star 9 December 2016 ·
  • Great shop, products, advice and mechanics. I bought the S3 and S5 here!
    Michael Tee reviewed Bikes n Bites – 5 star 2 December 2016 ·
  • If there's ever a phrase like "one ring to rule them all" from the award winning Hollywood blockbuster "Lord of the Ring" trilogy, then I would like to borrow this same eponymous phrase from director Peter Jackson to describe Cervelo, in particular Bikes n Bites, for assembling this dangerously light & super fast S5. I have 3 other bikes - Cannondale CAAD 10, Orbea Onyx & Carrera Phibra - and they don't even come close to this awesome masterpiece of bike engineering. So take a bow David & kudos to Paul & Alicia, you guys thoroughly deserve this accolade! Great job, guys!
    Anuwar Ariffin reviewed Bikes n Bites – 5 star 6 December 2016
  • Heartfelt thanks to Paul and his friendly, professional team for providing consistent extraordinary post sale service, which went as far as jumping on a plane to Jakarta one evening to help me fine tune my brand new P5 Cervelo, work through the night, only to catch the first flight back to Singapore in the morning. Always a pleasure visiting you all, and it has given me peace of mind knowing that I could always count on you if I ran into any mechanical snags.
    Jean-Lou Guillou reviewed Bikes n Bites – 5 star 28 November 2016 ·
  • Good n friendly staff willing to give a little helping hand

    Azman Hashim
  • Fantastic bike shop with excellent service as usual. Bought a P3 recently and couldn't be any happier. Thanks to Paul and his team for all the assistance and would definitely recommend anyone and everyone!
    Marvin Lee
  • For all the patience, excellent service, reasonable prices and good times shared here, I highly recommend this place after being given the short end of the stick at so many other places.
    Alwyn Loh
  • Overdue review of Paul n his staff, bought my R5 from him sometime in 09/14. Been back a few times to fix niggling issues (caused by me constantly changing parts lol) and they have always fixed the problems. Buying anything is easy, it's the after sales service that counts and BnB's tops that.
    James Shen Yang Ong
  • Thousond thanks to BikesnBites. I just got my dream bike yesterday and im so impressed for the services provided by the sophisticated gentlemen (Theo, Paul and crew members). Great bike shop that you should visit!!
    Wee Ming Chua Jason
  • I bought my first triathlon bike from Paul and Theo who helped me spec everything out and get the right fit. I've been back numerous times since with all sorts of queries and they've been able to help me every time.

    Lewis Garrad

I’ve now bought two bikes from Paul and his team now and the level of service has always been outstanding.

For my latest bike, I arrived (late – my fault) but the bike was all set up on rollers ready for a final fitting.

Paul and the guys had already adjusted it based on my last fit but he patiently worked through the tweaking required to get it ‘just right’.

Great service, pricing that’s competitive with overseas – what more could you want?

Bicycle Purchase Review by Ryan Lee

Was going to purchase my first ever road bike to start training for triathlon and cycling events, and was recommended by a friend to check out BnB. I would say that the services provided by David and his team blew me away. As a beginner, I was confused by the wide range of brands, models and needed a lot of technical advice. They were patient throughout the entire process to help me select and fit the right bike. Even though I was looking for an entry-level relatively cheaper bike, they still treated me the same as someone who’s buying a $10k model. The shop felt like a place you will always want to drop in, have a coffee and chat. You’ve got a lifetime customer!

Bike Fit Service by Mathieu Lesarve

“I came across Bikes n Bites by pure coincidence and walked in as I was curious about the products and services they could offer.
Aside from having top notch products and beautiful brands, their service is close to perfect. After showing me around and giving me pieces of advice, Alicia suggested that I had fitting session before upgrading anything on my current setting.
I came back a few weeks afterwards to meet Paul.
Paul’s knowledge and explanation are very much appreciated for a novice like me.
The session was quick and I appreciated the kind attentions provided with the food and drink.
Last but certainly not least, I am really happy with Paul’s new settings, it works really well I can see a lot of improvements in terms of efficiency, and especially when I look at my new average speed!
I have been lucky not injuring myself with my previous position on the bike which was completely off!

Cervelo R5 DA Disc – By Lyn

Awesome bike
Smooth like butter
Climbs like a dream
Confident on the descend
Rain or shine


Cervelo S5 – Albert Soh

Hi Paul,
Just want to let you know that the S5 was such a tremendous ride .
Took it for a spin on Sunday morning and it was a total delight .
Totally not harsh as I imagine it to be. Love the way it just roll. Start off from stand still is really easy .
I had s3 before . I rode a r3 before . But this
S5 is a Sweet ride .

Bike Repair Service – Ben Blundsdon

A huge thanks to David for his time an expertise in sorting out the star nut that the previous owner of my bike had put in my all carbon fork (including steerer tube). I honestly thought that I would have to buy a new fork, but despite me spending only SGD15 on getting the steerer cut just below the star nut, David spent a lot of time helping me to come to the right solution. I’m sure other shops would have just tried to sell me a new fork, but David was patient and came up with the correct solution for me. So SGD15 later and a new expander plug (at a very reasonable price) I’ve reassembled my bike and to my relief its ridable again. Also I got my rear wheel trued at a very reasonable price. On day I’ll be back for one of your gorgeous all carbon Cevelos! Many many thanks. Ben

UCB Speedcage – Review by Alan

I was looking for an affordable upgrade for my tri-bike since my last investment on a Hed Jet 6 plus last year. Having heard positive reviews from my friends who used the various UCB speedcages from Bikes and Bites, I finally took the plunge and purchased the UCB Nanotec.

At an extremely affordable price, the most visible improvement it made to my ride while pedaling at roughly the same effort as before was:
• Added about 2 to 3 gears while riding down-slope;
• Depending on the terrain, gained a gear or two while climbing up-slope; and
• Able to sustain my top-end speed on flats for a longer duration (most likely due to the less effort required)

Considering the price and short of making heavy investment such as aero-wheels or lighter frames, I would definitely recommend this piece of upgrade to anyone who is looking at a quick and instant upgrade to their performance.

Me and my friend, Audrey were trying to decide which brand should we buy for our first Tri bike, therefore we google around and went for a few shops before James (our sports buddy) introduced us to this shop called “Bikes n Bites”. He told us that the prices are very reasonable, therefore we went ahead to take a look at the bikes there. Intially me and Audrey didnt expect to get the bike immediately as we need to fish around in the market. When we first saw Cervelo P3, both of us fell in love with the bikes and told ourselves that this is the bike that we want. Alicia was very helpful and explained to us the differences between the mechanical and Di2 for P3.


Zullo Inqubo by Jimi Tan

Zullo – My Story
I was torn between purchasing these two steel frames, when I remembered the advice from Paul, that “Zullo is getting older and may likely stop building custom made Zullo frames”. I wanted this frame to be special, as a remembrance of God’s faithfulness in completing my 3 years of studies. However, I was uncertain, because, in 2003, I had lost confidence in bikeshops that can deliver on what they promised. My custom frame was mistakenly sized 59, and was too big for me. However, on 19th May 17, I took the leap of faith to custom fit a steel frame (Zullo) to celebrate God’s faithfulness in journeying with me during my 3 years of studies.


I have gotten my Cervelo and bike fit done 7 weeks ago. Paul was meticulous and patient during the bike fit. He did not mind adjusting the stem height several times just to make sure the feel was right. And thought the freebies (bottles) were not available then, he did not forget about them either. He updated my about the stock availability and was apologetic for the delay (even though it was supposed to be free anyway).

You sure can count on Bikes n Bites to deliver on their promises.

THANK YOU Bike N Bites, I do not have enough words to describe the excellent service and and business experience. THANK YOU PAUL and team, for executing the extra mile and making a difference in service. I will totally recommend you and will do business with you again. I have not even received my product yet and I am already a very satisfy customer. Your team has made this Ironman a very happy one. THANK YOU AGAIN.

MBA. Roy López Uribe

Twelve months ago, I cracked my second carbon frame and resolved to return to metal, which I figured would outlast my aging legs. After much searching, I decided to bite the bullet, empting my piggy bank, to buy the custom made-to-order Passoni Top Evolution. It was well worth the wait for the bike which was built in Italy. I heard Lance Armstrong worked at Passoni I wonder if he laid hands on my bike? I fitted the bike with Shimano’s Dura Ace Di2, and a smoother-than-toufu Gokiso wheelset, while the rest stock Passoni components. My first impression when I took delivery of the bike was how light and spritely it felt, and how clean were its lines. The weld marks had been cleverly sanded away giving the impression of a monocoque construction. Thanks to the custom made-to-measure geometry, the bike was a precise fit and gave me the most efficient riding posture. The “Evolution” geometry was plush making it ideal for long days on the saddle, but yet sufficiently stiff to transfer maximum power to the drivetrain – a boon for climbing. On my third month, I had a crash on a steep downhill section in Kyushu Japan, but thanks to its titanium body there was no damage to the frame. A carbon bike might not have been so lucky. I have now completed over 2000km on the bike, and I’m still in love with my Passoni Top Evolution. It’s hands-down the best bike that I have ever owned. Period.

Xentis Disc Wheel in Perth

Xentis Disc Wheel Review

So fair to say that when I first saw a photo of a prototype of Xentis Mark 2 disc I had to have one and put an order in with Paul to make sure when it came on the market I got one of the first ones off the production lines. Paul ensured I got my wish. I had visions of doing tri races and taking off minutes from my overall times as well as having one of the nicest looking rigs out there anchoring my P5.

Did the disc wheel live up to my expectations? In the training rides the bike flew and it was easy enough to hit 50 kph on the flat – holding that speed for more than a couple of km never a realistic option though – but hunkered down – knocking on 40 kph for an hour was becoming a reality.


Suplest Performance Tri Shoes

Thanks for recommending the Suplest Shoes, had a long ride yesterday and a short one today with no foot pain at all! Haven’t felt so happy in a long time!

Ben Tay

This is a short review on my new road bike. My Fondriest TFZero had a crack in the seat tube so I was looking for a replacement. What I was looking for:
1. Classic lines
2. Racing geometry
3. Good handling
4. Easy maintenance 
5. Value for money


Hi mate

So, today was the first day that I really took the new P5 out and rode it in anger. Before this I have been on the P4 in the buildup to my race.

That is one INCREDIBLE piece of technology!

I really want to thank you and the team for your time and effort. I think you have a great business. I always feel at home in your store, although my wife has officially banned me from come in for a while…understandably J.

Hi Paul,

I would like to send in my review of my Focus Izalco Max disc.  Sorry I took a while because of recent biz travel.

I was somewhat skeptical of the adoption of disc road, especially a race bike.  Disc road generally being heavier, comfort setup, disc brakes reliability and noise.  I guess these are standard concerns to be an early adopter to road disc.  I was contemplating between Tarmac disc and Izalco disc.  Eventually I took the bite on Izalco because such a great value with semi Dura-ace setup in your shop.  Gosh, I think I made the best bike purchase of the year.  First ride immediately concluded the bike is indeed worthy labelled as disc bike of 2016.


Busan 70.3 was a really tough race and I was very pleased to finish in 3rd place for my Age Group.

The swim was cut short due to poor visibility and rough seas.

The bike was a very difficult course, with seemingly never ending technical corners on wet and undulating roads. The P5 was magic on such a tough course and it enabled me to be among the leaders after the race. The bike was key to my race.


Having gained some experience with the aero bar on my road bike, I decided to go for a TT bike and narrowed down my selection to the Cervelo after having done extensive research. That’s how I found my way to Paul’s shop.
I did read about the importance of bike fitting, but never thought it could make such a difference. I’ve been riding in a far from optimum position for nearly 10 years it turned out.
Paul gave me an irresistible deal for the P5, which I never dreamt of buying, then painstakingly went through with me a 50 min bike fitting process that put me in the best aero position while still feeling comfortable.
The result was unbelievable. I never thought riding a TT bike of this caliber with the perfect fit would instantly give me an average speed increase of 4-6 km an hour from about 39 to 42-45.


Shop Review by Mohd Syafei

@bikesnbites my friend @lolytap is interested in a P3. Im sure you will give her the best level of service like i got when i bought my Pitu (P2). The kind of service that makes 8 hours flight from Qatar so worth it. Cc. @a1z4l

by mohd_syafei via Instagram


Shop Review by Greg Fisher

Happy Birthday indeed. But the thank-yous are really reserved for the great service no matter how “fiddly” or  burdensome the ask . I particularly appreciate the trouble you went to in order to find and get delivered  that tiny connector for my old R3 . In my experience with bike shops in Australia and the US this is “KNOCKOUT” service as most are only interested in trading you into their latest bike models.

Looking forward to reconnecting when back from the US (in mid 2017).

Greg Fisher

Cervelo R3

Thanks so much Paul, the TopForce rides well. Those Gokiso wheels are smmooooth! Very nice. Have a great weekend.


Bought my first road bike here – a Focus Cayo AL. A very good and highly recommended bike based on my first ride today – fast and nimble. Go and buy Focus road bikes at BikesNBites now.

Very helpful and got a great bike fitting service. Cycled today for 4 hours and did not even feel any sore back or neck pain due to the spot on bike fitting. Was cycling at Changi Coast Road like a real racer.

Many thanks Paul for the excellent service.

The ride was so much better than my previous bike and I enjoyed the ride so much more. I’m totally convinced that it’s a good decision after the ride. Will definitely put more miles on it! Thanks again!

Cervelo S2 Review by Aston Hooi

Dear Paul,

Well wishes for 2016!

Just thought that I’d share how my Cervelo S2 has helped me improve. The bike has been a dream to ride on ever since I took it for its first ride the week after I bought it. The way the bike feels on a smooth road is beyond smooth. When I took it to the hills, its light weight and aero profiles made me climb faster by nearly 10 minutes!  Needless to say on the descent it felt smooth on the corners –  the bike turns in and out of corners very well, almost as if it was tied to the apex of the road!


UCB Speedcage Review by Philip Sim


Just purchased a UCB speed cage for my S-Works Roubaix a week ago. It’s worked well, and has improved rolling speed from 30 to 35 kmh solo, and even up to 40 kmh whilst drafting. I’ve just started cycling about a year ago, and I’m amazed at the results from this upgrade.

Several friends are keen to get one after seeing the performance too.

Please keep me posted on such upgrades via your newsletter.

Thank you

Philip Sim

Zullo Vergine Review by Andrew Wan

This is my second Zullo.  Where my first Zullo was a Tour 91 with its classic lugged design, this time I went for the most advanced offering from Mr Zullo.  Let’s be clear, there may be decades of Italian bicycle building experience in the Vergine frame but there is nothing “old school” about its technology and performance.  It has that subtle ride that only stainless steel can offer but at the same time perfectly transmits every ounce of effort you put into the ride.  This is down to the quality of Mr Zullo’s craftsmanship and his frame design skills.

Mr Zullo was also kind enough to paint it with one of his signature schemes.  There is only one word to describe it, “sensational”!  One could spend hours just looking at its intricate detailing.

Paul was his usual patient self, fielding all of my various questions. His professionalism just adds to the overall experience of a custom build.

I am now a full convert to the “steel is real” family, no more carbon frames for me!

Shop Review by Reece

My experience with Bikes N Bites was superb! It was my first road bike and I was clueless which bike should i get, which groupset would be suitable etc of course there are definitely more area to consider. And finally, I decided on the Cervélo S3.

Paul did a very detailed bike fitting on the bike and it was more than accurate. It makes one comfortable and faster on the bike. Beyond any doubt, it’s worth every penny spent.
Items in the shop are top quality and also reasonably priced. Whenever there is something that is not available, Paul would offer to order it for me, and I am very thankful for his service.


Just purchase the Gokiso Road wheels and all I can say is that the wheels are fantastic. In the beginning when I was at Bike n Bites to buy my Dux Helm helmet, I was introduced to the Gokiso wheelsets. It’s very smooth when I spun the wheels. Well the price sort of scared me away at first. At almost $5k and the wait of a few months, it was really a bitter pill to swallow.

Well my chance came last week and was I lucky. Paul had a set coming in and the best is, it is not taken. Without much hesitation, I took it. On the collection day, just felt like a young kid all over. Excited on a new toy.


I cannot wait till the end of the feedback to say that \”it has been a wonderful experience\”.

I was there for my bike fit at 10am and Paul was really patient is explaining step by step on the whole process of the bike fit. It made me feel really confident that the bike would be a good fit even before we got started! That was a big plus for me.

The whole atmosphere was really friendly and at no time was Paul pushy about recommending me to purchase items or equipment that was not necessary. Actually, he deterred me from even changing my frame to the P5s which really built by trust in the professionalism of the team.

They think for the best of the customer.

I live in the East, but would have no qualms in travelling the extra mile to get my all my biking needs from Paul and his team.

Thanks Paul!

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