Full Integrated Cables | Most Advanced Tubeset | All Day Road Performer

Vamoots CRD

The ultimate road performer

Built for smooth speed, swift turns and the open road

Hand-crafted for the modern road cyclist, the sleek Vamoots CRD (Complete Race Design) has been perfected down to every small detail so you can enjoy the feeling of painted lines rushing by as you glide across the asphalt mile after mile. This dedicated road bike screams performance, designed with intricate features for a light, crisp ride.

Smooth pavement, painted lines, swooping turns and speed are what is at the core of road cycling.

Pure pavement riding where the only varying surface is up, down, left and right. Road riding is about speed, smoothness, and the feeling that you could ride all day. The NEW Vamoots CRD captures what lies at the heart of a dedicated road bike.

The Vamoots CRD (complete race design) is the new pinnacle of the Vamoots road line. The CRD screams performance with our legendary double butted RSL tube set for a light, crisp ride. Followed by our latest and most refined 3D printed dropouts, that save weight, add stiffness at the rear wheel, & perfect brake caliper alignment. Finished off with pencil thin seat stays for the renowned Moots ride quality. By incorporating an all-NEW integrated cockpit with a T47 bottom bracket into the build we have been able to route all brake hose lines internally for our cleanest looking road bike to date. Built to perform best with your favorite 28-30c road tire, can clear up to a 32mm.

The Bottom Line:

Pavement, pass bagging and grand touring are all in the realm of this pointed road performer. Road riding never goes out of style on a Moots.

Legacy: The Vamoots CRD picks up where the Vamoots RSL and Vamoots Disc RSL left off. Borrowing geometry from those builds for precise handling while riding solo or rotating through a pace line. Full housing integration for the cleanest of all the Vamoots family.


RSL tubing: Our lightest tubeset available. Internally butted to remove weight while not compromising ride quality.


T 47 bottom bracket: Large diameter landing point for seat tube, down tube and chain stays for solid power transfer.


3D printed flat mount disc mounts for accurate alignment between brake caliper, rotor and axle.

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