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Heartfelt thanks to Paul and his friendly, professional team for providing consistent extraordinary post sale service, which went as far as jumping on a plane to Jakarta one evening to help me fine tune my brand new P5 Cervelo, work through the night, only to catch the first flight back to Singapore in the morning. Always a pleasure visiting you all, and it has given me peace of mind knowing that I could always count on you if I ran into any mechanical snags.

Jean-Lou Guillou

Paul and team are a fantastic bunch. Helps that Paul stocks size 54 frames which happen to be my size!!!

Hazza Mcfazza

Impeccable service from Paul and his crew. Got myself a xentis squad 4.2 for a few mths now, and I'm loving it! The rolling was super smooth and I really enjoy my ride now.. Trusted the crew and their recommendations and finally got myself a S5! Really appreciate the help and advise given, without any hard sell.. Making me feel so comfortable and not judged!

Alvin Xie

I have got a Focus Cayo frameset setup by Bikes n Bites. The service level rendered by Paul and David is top notch. In fact it is one of the very best in Singapore. David has eagle eyes and is very detail minded. Has done a perfect setup for my bike. ....

Adrian Teo

Great shop, products, advice and mechanics. I bought the S3 and S5 here!

Michael Tee

f there's ever a phrase like "one ring to rule them all" from the award-winning Hollywood blockbuster "Lord of the Ring" trilogy, then I would like to borrow this same eponymous phrase from director Peter Jackson to describe Cervelo, in particular Bikes n Bites, ...

Anuwar Ariffin

Timothy Cosulich

Services Review

I have not found this level of customer service anywhere else. Paul, Alicia and the team do whatever they can to help out a customer, going above and beyond what you could expect. They care about doing a good job, offering a top level service with their mechanics, and having spare parts in stock, which avoids annoying waiting times. I have been a (happy) customer for almost 10 years and no doubt remain a customer for many years to come.

Daniel Platt

Services Review

I was visiting Singapore and arranged a road bike rental with Bikes n Bites ahead of time over email. Everything worked very smoothly, the bike was dropped off to my hotel the day I arrived, and I had an excellent ride around the island. Highly recommend for visiting cyclists!

Winnie Chua Hui Ni

Services Review

Personally, I had a great experience with BnB when I purchased my bike in Aug. From the several visits to the shop, everyone whom I have spoken with have been very kind and genuinely helpful. A big thank you to David, Deon and Ben for helping me set up my first TT bike and of cause Paul who patiently bike fitted me. I will like to specially thank Deon and Ben who have provided excellent post sale services too when I needed assistance on a bike check. I am glad to know that the sale doesn’t just end after you collect your bike and walk out that door, but that post sale service is on point too.

Luke Matthews

Services Review

A great team who always go above and beyond to provide support.

Azri BK

Services Review

Item catches my eyes, hospitality seals the deal. Was looking for a new frameset. Aspero was 1 of 3 choices. Different brands, different dealers. Went to all 3 but came back here. Attended by Darrell who fine tuned my dream setup while David personalised the fitting for me. No hard-selling and won’t recommend upgrades unnecessarily. Ample parking space available. No bites though.

Rey Marcel Ewals

Services Review

Truly professional, as expected from a Cervélo dealer. Down to earth advice, no overselling and a realistic approach to your budget and riding needs. Still wondering whatever happened to the Bites part? A great Nespresso machine would be appreciated 🙂

Rey Ogalino

Services Review

The guy who assisted my queries was Vincent I believe, senior but definitely in shape, nice guy. Will definitely consider the cervelo product.


Services Review

My preferred bike shop. Professional and experienced mechanics. Excellent service for my Canyon road bike. I just had a broken Di2 rear detailer cable replaced on the spot. (not an easy job, bottom bracket must be removed).

Fernando Bortoli

Services Review

Friendly and knowledgeable guys. Amazingly cool service. Great experience.

Kieran Twomey

Services Review

What can only be described as the best bike purchase ever. From the first moment Paul was the perfect blend of bike expert and manager. He guided my selection and build up of a Moots Routt RSL. He managed the delivery and fitting with expertise and promptness. Deon was the perfect addition sharing facts without imposing subjectivity. Best in class bike purchase experience. Well done and thank you. Kieran

Hyder Ali

Services Review

I sent my bike to Bikes and Bites for one reason: Excellent customer service:
1) Prompt reply on all my emails
2) Provide excellent follow-up and advice over the phone.
3) Very friendly people.

Jeffrey Lee

Cervelo S5 Review

A big thank you to Bikes n Bites for my new purchase on a Cervelo S5 last month. Many thanks to Deon who is extremely patient to all my queries and responded even after office hour which he is not obligated to do so. Paul and David who help to bike fit me is professional and patiently giving me advise and detail explanations. The mechanic who set up my bike is also very helpful to rush the bike for me so that I can get the bike in time of my busy schedule. Overall if you are looking for quality, value for money deal do not hesitate to look for Deon or Paul and they will not disappoint you. Thanks, Bikes n Bites

Ernest Mariano

Services Review

I just recently got back into road cycling after years of putting it on hold. I went around Singapore to look at the latest road bikes on offer and at how the shops provide customer service. Bikes N Bites is hands down the best among all the local bike shops in Singapore.I was happily attended by Darrell and Paul during my initial visit and walked me through the newest bike models and how far long the technology has come since I had my soloist.

Zhe Wei Kang

Services Review

Want to give a shoutout to Paul for his friendliness and good customer service.I walked into the store yesterday just wanting to browse for a new bike for myself. It was quite busy as all the staffs were attending to customers and their work.I walked around inside the store like 3 rounds no one was available to attend to me. I decided to leave already but Paul caught me just at the doorstep and attended to my enquires patiently.

Farhan Latiff

Services Review

If you are in need of a new bicycle or just to service your bike. This is the place to go, their service is one of the best if not the best (I have been to many many bike shops of big brands in Singapore) . They go the extra mile where no other bike shops will do. I had an exceptional experience purchasing a bike from them. I cannot give enough praises. They don’t push you to buy, they will give you their honest opinion and in return you can say your honest opinion too.

Jimi Tan

Services Review

In 2019, I decided to make a switch from a round to an oval chainring. I loved it at first and found that it suited me well for my riding style. 9 months later, I noticed that there was a clicking sound at about the 12 to 2 o’clock position, especially when riding up the hills.
Although they were very busy, Paul decided to take my bike in, but requested to give them time to check as there were many bikes in their wait list. They took numerous attempts to test, such as swapping paddles, the saddle, the wheels, the seat pole, the crank arms, the bearings, and even the chainring.

Jezreel Ng Yong Sheng

Cervelo Road Bike Review

Bike n bites is a shop that I will definitely recommend to others!!! Had a very good experience with them!

Always wanted to own a Cervelo brand road bike, but my budget is always limited. After selling my road bike, I decided to email them to see if I am able to get a Cervelo road bike with the little budget I have.

To my surprise, Paul replied me and told me that I am able to get one around my budget! I always thought that it will be very very expensive! But they sell entry-level road bike as well.

Thomas Amblard

Services Review

Excellent customer service. They dedicated a good amount of time to make sure I felt comfortable with the purchase. Never pushed me and trying to oversell me a bike I did not need. They actually recommended a bike at lower price than my budget. Feels good and I definitely encourage anyone to check this bike shop!

Jaime Li

Services Review

Service is impeccable. Staff are knowledgeable & friendly. I love the shop layout. Paul & his team understand their customers. I enjoyed every single moment from walking into bringing my bike out of the shop.

Henry Sim

Izalco Max Review

Walked in with my 4 yr old Focus Cayo (to fix a loose headset) and ended up walking out with a Izalco Max! Great that there was a sale on the 2018 Max frame and I just couldn’t resist upgrading. The guys did a great job swapping the groupset over and within just a few days. Quite pleased with their attention to detail and they would message u first about any issue during the buildup.

Thanks Bikes n Bites! 🙂

Calvin Wong

Services Review

A great shop with an even better team of experts which will always give solid advices and customer services. A to-go shop regardless of those getting just starting to get into the sport or the enthusiast/ future professionals racers.

Ash Tay

Cervelo Aspero Review

Thank you Bike n Bites. Just got the new Cervelo Aspero from them a few weeks ago and couldn’t be happier. Took me some time to decide if I should get the bike but David was patient and helped me without putting any pressure. Once confirmed, they were meticulous in measuring me up to get the right size and had the bike built up in 2 days for the final fitting.

Mark Wong

Services Review

They did a very good job with my bike. Recommended mechanic Rahim

Jason Lim

Cervélo S3 Review

I purchased my first road bike from Bikes n Bites 2 weeks ago. The experience has been nothing short of amazing. Despite me knowing next to nothing about road bikes, Sidney was very patient in explaining the fundamentals, and giving his honest recommendations about which bike would be most suitable for me. I never felt pressured into making a purchase and I am happy to say that I am extremely pleased with my bike so far. Special shout out as well to David who helped me with the bike fit, which has certainly helped in making my riding experience thus far such a pleasant one.


Cervélo R5 Review

There are very few places I do reviews for as time is valuable and only the best or worst deserve the energy. I can’t even state how relieved I am to have gone to Bikes n Bites for my needs. I walked away from there with two bikes (road + indoor trainer), and both are great rides at a fair price. The fitting was efficient and was pleased with the experience. They even sent an employee to my home to make sure the training bike was correctly set up on my Neo 2 trainer… that I did not buy from them! So you’re reading this because you’re looking into a bike to buy or a place to get service from. Stop reading and head to their store now.

Janne Oldager

Cervélo P5 Disc Review

You always get kind and knowledgeable service from Paul and his crew. I have been riding my R5 several times a week since getting it a few years back. Now, I have to alternate with the new power machine (P5). Thanks to my husband and Bikes n Bites for all those happy hours on the road.

Mark Jansen

Cervelo P5 Disc Review

Fast fast fast! After a hiatus from the Cervelo TT family, I finally took the plunge and got the latest P5 disc. I’ve ridden many TT bikes including the original P3C prototype, this so far is the best and feels awesome. A big part of the “buy” was the disc brakes, having had 2x accidents due to cars doing silly things and brakes not been up to the task it was a no brainer.

Ian Ng

Cervelo PX ETAP AXS 1X

Wow … Just took the bike out for a spin after not riding on a TT for the past 3 months. Had some trepidation about the climbs because of the 1 disc, and found the bike surprisingly responsive and agile for the climbs. The shifting was precise and simple, left up and right down.

Paul Thomas

Cervelo P3

This is an awesome bike shop, with an outstanding stock of bikes across a number of brands, together with super friendly, knowledgable and supportive staff. I have a particular interest in Cervelo, both road and TT bikes and Paul and Sidney manage a super-charged Cervelo dealership across the entire range. I was really impressed with their very professional bike fit service. They also have a big stock of Focus, but also some other super cool brands, including Passoni and an excellent range of accessories. Fantastic experience. Thanks so much!!!!

James Wong

S5 Disc with Xentis Mark 3

Thank you very much team Bikes n Bites for getting me the new Cervelo S5 Disc. It is fast, it is furious! The acceleration on this thing is really incredible. It makes you just want to keep cycling.
In the aesthetics department, it looks even more aerodynamic and futuristic, especially with its integrated stem and a new seat post. Paired with the XeNTiS Mark3 monocoque carbon wheels, this bike is complete awesomeness!

Assad Attamimi

Cervélo P5 Disc

My first Cervélo was the iconic P3 back in 2007, and since then, I’ve had the pleasure of riding three P5s between 2012 and 2019. Cervélo have set the standard for all things TT and Aero.

A few weeks ago I received the new P5 Disc and simply put, Cervélo have raised the bar once again. Although the bike has been completely re-engineered, you know you’re riding a Cervélo. The first thing I noticed was the lighter weight, which is very apparent both on and off the bike.

Jeremy Yeo

Cervelo P2

Uncle Paul and his team have the best knowledge when it comes to bikes. Their honest and friendly approach wins them many customers. And I am one of them. Many customers, and I am one of them. Kudos to Alicia and Deon who served me while I was looking for a TT bike. Wanted a second hand but took the plunge to get a new one from the. Their meticulous approach with their fitting system, riders feels and opinions, and extensive knowledge won me over, and I am now a very happy owner of a Cervelo P2!

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