There comes a time in our cycling lives when we want to reach a bit further; to push the boundaries of our capabilities and to really question what’s possible on two wheels. Altavia is our answer, bringing together the worlds of precision titanium engineering and expert frame design in an all-new, trail-focused mountain bike platform.

The heritage of Passoni lies not only in producing world-class road bikes; we also have a distinguished history in creating mountain bikes, and since the 1990s we have helped our riders explore beyond the bike park. Altavia continues this work and allows us to rethink the boundaries of our cycling psyches, with clearance for 2.4” tyres and a 150mm travel Fox 36 fork and dropper post as standard, this bike will conquer anything that stands in its path.

Modern mountain bike design has to keep pace with the needs of the riders and to help blur the line between rider and machine. Available in just three sizes, Altavia features a XX degree headtube to deliver a slightly more relaxed riding position than its pure-pred cross-country cousins. Pair this with our world-class titanium workmanship, dedication to using only the very best grades of titanium and components, and the result is a trail bike which looks every bit as good as it rides.

Altavia is not just a tool for riding off road, be that at the trail centre, in the bike park or on multi-day bikepacking expeditions. This bike exists as a means to help our riders discover adventure, wherever it lies.

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