XXTi Disco

Two incomparable materials united to create a racing bicycle without limits. Mixing titanium and carbon fibre, the XXTi Disco employs the latest groupset and axle standards. Beginning life as a complete frame, the inclusion of its carbon seatmast calls on all the expertise of our artisan fabricators.

“In creating the perfect racer, we first did away with conventional thinking. In utilising both titanium and carbon fibre, the XXTi Disco imparts a ride unlike any other. Backed by the control offered via modern disc brakes, the bike’s every facet has been pushed to elicit maximum performance”

Two elemental materials combined to create a ride beyond comparison. Calling upon the complete expertise of our artisan builders, the XXTi Disco elicits the best of both titanium and carbon fibre. Lightweight and forgiving, yet resolute enough to rip through the most hard-fought races, the addition of disc brakes keeps the entire ensemble under complete control in every situation. One of our most customisable bicycles, each user can tailor the XXTi Disco to their exact requirements; this includes the choice of either a mechanical or electronic groupset, along with the option to employ a minimalist one-piece seatmast or a more conventional seatpost assembly.

Freedom to choose

As we consider every aspect of the frame to draw out the most favourable characteristics, so the XXTi Disco’s owner can specify precisely how they wish their bicycle to arrive. Built with a meticulous focus on performance, the standard XXTi Disco comes with a unique integrated carbon seatmast. The lightest and most comfortable solution to support the rider, this is formed by an uninterrupted spar running from the bottom bracket to the saddle. However, for anyone who regularly needs to transport their bicycle, a more conventional assembly is available on request. More minor details can also be specified, such as fittings for a mechanical or electronic groupset. Controlled by powerful disc brakes, each bike also benefits from the security of staunch 12mm thru-axles and our adjustable grade 5 titanium dropouts.

Unity in form and function

While titanium and carbon typically vie for top billing, the XXTi Disco instead uses one material to illuminate the other. Created with the same devotion to detail as our all-titanium bicycles, each XXTi Disco begins life as a complete frame. This is then cut away to allow the inclusion of a light and stiff carbon fibre seat tube. Drawing on skills from across our Milan- based atelier, the result is a bike that shows off the full range of Passoni’s capabilities with both materials. Allowing us to place each element where it finds its greatest advantage, the result is a racing bicycle as unique to ride as it is to behold.

A varied canvas

With both titanium and carbon as a canvas, the finishing of the XXTi Disco allows its owner’s imagination to run riot. With a wide variety of choices covering both painted and polished treatments, it offers among the most creative potential of any Passoni bicycle.

Frame Specification


Titanium grade 9 (3Al / 2,5V) with different thicknesses, drawn and strengthened. Titanium grade 5 (6Al / 4V) for head tube, bottom bracket shell and dropouts, CNC works.

Front triangle

Round tubes, top tube Ø 36.4mm, seat tube Ø 35 mm in carbo-titanium, downtube Ø 48mm bi-oval.

Rear triangle

Round seat stays taper Ø 16 mm. Oval chain stays taper 21 x 27 mm S-shaped.

Head tube

Titanium grade 5, CNC machined, Passoni engraved logo and frame code, PF30 system.

Bottom bracket

Integrated conical Ø 56mm, CNC machined, bearings Ø 1”1/8 upper – 1”1/2 lower.


Adjustable dropout titanium grade 5, CNC machined, Ergal insert for disc brake thru-axle support.

Seat post clamp

Integrated seat tube, traditional seat post available on request.


Columbus Futura Ø 56 mm, thru-axle 100 x 12 customised Passoni.


The frame is available for mechanical groupset, Di2/EPS groupset or wireless groupset.

The famous Passoni finishing

We believe in the beauty of simplicity. By constantly analysing, evolving and refining we aim craft exceptional bikes and deliver an unprecedented level of service. Over the decades we have applied this methodology to our Made-to-Measure process.

Sandblasted & Anodized (F3)

Aesthetic welding ripples, tubes finished by glass beads blasting, graphics applied directly on the tube in titanium by anodizing process.

The "Vinci" finishing (F2)

Aesthetic welding ripples, tubes machine satin finished, graphics applied directly on the tube in titanium by sandblast.

Glazed by hand (F1)

Welding joints and tubes glazed by hand, graphics applied directly on the tube in titanium by sandblast.

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