Fidia Disco

A carbon frame with a titanium heart. The unique construction of the Fidia Disco weaves together cycling’s two most coveted materials for an incomparable ride. Unlike any other bicycle, our made-to-measure service can further tailor this most uncommon racing bicycle to your desires.

“Carbon is the most advanced material available to bike builders. But the right combination of fibres, production process, and design are need to elicit the best from it. Our Fidia uses carbon in the most elegant way possible to create a rider-first experience"

Carbon fibre offers greater rigidity and lighter weight than any alternative. At the same time, it requires the greatest care and attention in design and manufacturing. Complementing Passoni’s extensive history in bespoke frame manufacture, the Fidia uses advanced carbon construction to deliver the next tier of performance and speed. Revised to accommodate the latest disc brake standards, the new Fidia represents Passoni’s ceaseless pursuit of performance and control.

The Fidia is conceived around an economy of material in which each carbon strand serves a purpose. Created from Italian-made carbon-titanium tubing, the Fidia’s frame is mitred and wrapped in our atelier in Milan before being cured in an on-site autoclave. Built with the same attention and skill as our titanium frames, the carbon-titanium Fidia promises a similar lifetime of cycling enjoyment.

While prioritising lightweight performance and speed, the Fidia’s tube shapes are formed to maximise the riding experience. This is notable in areas including the tapered top tube, which increases rigidity towards the front of the bike while preserving the flex necessary for a fluid ride. Passoni’s titanium heritage is not forgotten on the Carbo-Titanium Fidia. Instead, we retain it with subtle touches such as the dropouts, headtube badge, and etched titanium top tube plate.

A modernist masterpiece, the Fidia’s design is offset perfectly by a graduated colour scheme. Coupled with fully integrated cabling through Deda’s EDG fork and Alanera handlebar, the Fidia Disc unites the past and present, both visually and when experienced on the road. The Fidia uses a conical carbon headtube housing 1” ½ lower and 1” ⅛ upper carbon bearing cups. Offering precise handling, their design saves weight while retaining the classic Passoni frame aesthetics seen across all our bikes. Less obvious details benefit from similar levels of attention, such as the 3D-printed titanium dropouts, which provide neat integration of the bike’s disc brake calipers. Available also through our Ready-to-Ride programme, the Fidia exemplifies the highest levels of performance achievable from a carbon frame.

The famous Passoni finishing

We believe in the beauty of simplicity. By constantly analysing, evolving and refining we aim craft exceptional bikes and deliver an unprecedented level of service. Over the decades we have applied this methodology to our Made-to-Measure process.


Sandblasted & Anodized (F3)

Aesthetic welding ripples, tubes finished by glass beads blasting, graphics applied directly on the tube in titanium by anodizing process.


The "Vinci" finishing (F2)

Aesthetic welding ripples, tubes machine satin finished, graphics applied directly on the tube in titanium by sandblast.


Glazed by hand (F1)

Welding joints and tubes glazed by hand, graphics applied directly on the tube in titanium by sandblast.

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