Titanio Classica

In the Titanio Classica, we are trying to create a bike that stands out from fashions and trends to offer lasting joy to those who ride it.

"In the Titanio Classica, we wanted to create a bike that stood aside from fads and trends to provide enduring joy for its rider"

One of the first producers of titanium bicycles, each Passoni frame celebrates the skill of our builders. Presented to maximum effect thanks to 30 hours of finishing and polishing, this attention to detail is evident from every angle. Undiminished by time and usage, its sinuous welds and burnished exterior will captivate for the lifetime of the bicycle. At the same time, details such as the lustre of its tubes and the styling of each bicycle’s logos can be subtly tuned to suit its owner’s tastes. Further customisable through our made-to-measure service, the fit and geometry of the Titanio Classica arrive adapted to your exact needs. This perfect alignment between rider and machine ensures you experience our true intention in creating the Titanio Classica, a bike made to transcend trends and provide a ride for the ages.

Complementing the frame’s heart, slender seatstays and larger ovalized chainstays provide a ride simultaneously lithe and taught. Suited to those who love to push themselves and their bicycle further than seems possible, the Titanio Classica’s seatstays are joined together by Passoni’s beautiful shell-style dropouts. Elsewhere, a machined 1 1/8th headtube and threaded bottom bracket provide both simplicity and longevity.

Cultivated from the highest grades of titanium, the Titanio Classica’s tubes are custom drawn and strengthened to provide a ride perfectly echoing the bike’s refined aesthetic. Harmonious in form and function, the frame’s cylindrical downtube is matched by similar profile seat and top tubes that maintain the idealised form of the bicycle as understood by generations of cyclists.

Frame Specification


Grade 9 (3Al / 2,5V), different thickness. Grade 5 (6Al / 4V) headtube, bottom bracket and dropouts, CNC machined.

Front triangle

Top tube Ø 35mm, seat tube Ø 35mm, downtube Ø 38mm.

Rear triangle

Conical seatstays Ø 19mm. Conical chainstays, 31 x 20mm.

Head tube

Ø 45 integrated, CNC machined, titanium grade 5, bearings 1”1/8.

Bottom bracket

Titanium grade 5, CNC machined, Passoni engraved logo and frame code, BSA threading.


Passoni project, titanium grade 5, CNC machined, Ergal replaceable hanger or with Passoni Project shell shape dropout.

Seatpost clamp

Aluminium seat clamp customised Passoni or Titanium seatclamp customised Passoni.


Columbus Futura SL, customised Passoni rake 45 or 50 mm.


The frame is available for mechanical groupset, Di2/EPS groupset or wireless groupset.

The famous Passoni finishing

We believe in the beauty of simplicity. By constantly analysing, evolving and refining we aim craft exceptional bikes and deliver an unprecedented level of service. Over the decades we have applied this methodology to our Made-to-Measure process.


Sandblasted & Anodized (F3)

Aesthetic welding ripples, tubes finished by glass beads blasting, graphics applied directly on the tube in titanium by anodizing process.


The "Vinci" finishing (F2)

Aesthetic welding ripples, tubes machine satin finished, graphics applied directly on the tube in titanium by sandblast.


Glazed by hand (F1)

Welding joints and tubes glazed by hand, graphics applied directly on the tube in titanium by sandblast.

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