3T Stylus 25 Team 27.2 x 350 Stealth

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A new addition to 3T's setback post collection, the Stylus 25 Team Stealth Seatpost brings a "fresh new take on the two-bolt seatpost" to the company's line with a sleek new clamping interface that sets it apart from other offset posts. This integrated design provides a solid, lightweight base for mounting your saddle, and it relies on the same proven materials and craftsmanship we associate with all things 3T.

The Stylus 25 Team Stealth blends a carbon fiber post and refined 2-bolt alloy saddle clamp with 25mm of setback for more vertical compliance and added stability on fast descents as compared with the zero offset model. The new, finned clamping interface is where the post really shines though, as 3T spent considerable time getting both the look and functionality just right. The alloy head features a rearward "swoosh" that was modeled after the classic single-bolt designs of the good ol' days, keeping that traditional aesthetic alive.

The two clamping bolts are placed on either side of the saddle-support cradle, resulting in a secure, stable clamping interface that's easy to adjust. 3T's Stylus 25 models place the seat clamp assembly 25mm rearward of the seatpost's center line for riders who prefer to sit slightly farther back than they can on a neutral post design.

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