Bar Fly Race Spoon Aluminium 6061

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The Race Spoon mounts on select Integrated Bar/Stems with in-line mounting holes.

CNC machined from aluminum, the Race Spoon is thinner and lighter than our previous Spoon.  It comes with 6 computer heads.  Mounting of the Spoon requires your bar/stem to have mount holes less than 4.5cm apart.

Included in Box:

  • BF Race Spoon with head mounting hardware
  • 6 Computer heads:Garmin, Wahoo, Bryton, Cateye, Mio, Polar

NOT Included in Box:
  • Handlebar mounting bolts (size and thread is determined by handlebar manufacturer and should be included with bar)

Light / Camera compatibility:
  • Optional Race GoPro accessory is available to fit Race Spoon
  • Confirm weight capacity of threaded handlebar mounts with manufacturer 

Compatible Computers:
  • Garmin Edge Series 200, 500, 510, 520, 800, 810, 820, 1000, 1030, Touring
  • Watches 910XT, 920XT
  • Polar M450, M460, V650
  • Wahoo ELEMNT and BOLT
  • Mio 500, 505, 505HC
  • Cyclo 200, 205HC, 210, 315HC, 400, 405, 405HC, 505HC, 605HC
  • Magellan 315, 505
  • Cateye Wireless models Padrone, Strada, Micro, Velo
  • Bryton 100, 300, 310, 330, 530, 10, One, 410
  • Lezyne  Micro, Mirco C, Mini, Macro, Super and SuperSE  

    (Lezyne computer head is not included with mount but is available for purchase)

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