BLUB Lithium Grease

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Long-life lubricating grease with high corrosion protection for bearings, threads or any moving component requiring maintenance, lubrication, and a high degree of protection against moisture and wear.

How To Use It:
- Dismantle and clean, if necessary, the component or part to be lubricated with BLUB LITHIUM GREASE.
- Apply the amount recommended by the manufacturer for each component or part to be lubricated. (Bearings, threads, or any moving component requiring lubrication)
- Remove any excess product with paper or microfibre cloth.

- High lubricating power reduces friction and wear, ideal for greasing open bearings. - Does not attack rubber.
- Prevents seizure, rust, and corrosion.
- Facilitates disassembly and prolongs the life of each component.

- Capacity: 100 mg

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