CarbonDry Japan Big Pulley Kit V2 Shimano 11S Red Gloss Full Ceramic Black Pulley

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CDJ Big Pulley Kit (BPK) has some advantages.

1) Pedaling with the BPK is lighter than a normal derailleur because the friction loss will be decreased. Several customers reported that their average speed increased more than 2km/h by their cycle computer.

2) You can use Outer/Low (front outer gear and rear inner gear) smoother than with normal derailleur. Normally, it will be quite difficult to use gear combinations like this with a normal rear derailleur setup. When you ride a bike on the uphill road, once front gear changes inner then you should also change rear gear. This means frequent and futile action will cause time loss and to get tired. So the BPK makes things a breeze for you.

3) Both outer and inner CFRP (dry carbon) plates not only give you drivetrain rigidity but are also beautiful to look at. Different cage and pulley colours are also available to suit your preference. This may require a pre-order, so if you have colours other than black that you’d like, please contact us at:

4) CDJ also offer you the Middle cage BPK which is suitable for wide range gear ratio when you want to use gear ratio capacity of more than 33T. For example, if you’d like to use 50/34T front with 11/32T rear to have 37T total capacity, and you should use the middle cage BPK. So you can choose it depending on where or how you ride.

5) You will experience an obvious distinction. Please enjoy to ride a bike with the BPK !!

PULLEY; 15T / 11T combination
AL 7075 machined
Ceramic bearings
Black or Gold anodized
CAGE; Dry carbon twin plates 2 mm thickness,
FIT: Shimano 7970/7900, 6770/6700/9070/9000, 6870/6800

*Derailleur is not included.
*A longer chain may be required.*Installation should be done by a skilled mechanic.

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