Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex Zot! Nano

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Caffélatex ZOT! Nano is an instant polymerization catalyzer for Caffélatex, useful in case of relevant tyre damages.

When the damage size exceeds the maximum sealable by normal tyre sealants (around 5 mm) and Caffélatex sealant escapes the hole without repairing it, ZOT! can be injected through the damage: the catalyzed Caffélatex will then be able to repair damages up to 10 mm (well above the capacity of any liquid sealant).

Caffélatex ZOT! Nano 10 ml is the road/XC racer version of our original ZOT! 30 ml. The Caffélatex-specific catalyzer is contained inside a small, flexible blister ending with a 1 cm-long x 1 mm-diameter metal needle, activating Caffélatex (or Espresso) with surgical precision even on sensitive high-pressure tires/tubulars.


• small size/reduced weight of ZOT! Nano make it good also for weight conscious cyclists;

• the metal needle allows precise injection of ZOT! inside smaller punctures;

• can be easily opened/re-sealaed with a practical silicone plug;

• fits under the bottle cage with the provided specific clip.

Tips for best results:

  1. Caffélatex has to be liquid inside the tyre when the puncture occurs (ZOT! by itself has no sealing properties, it simply accelerates Caffélatex solidification).
  2. While ZOT! + Caffélatex can also work on tyre and inner tube setups, tubeless or tubeless-converted tyres are the easiest to work with.
  3. Tubulars with a tubular-tubeless construction (where the inner tube is integrated in the casing, like Tufos) are the easiest to work with.
  4. Inserting the tip of ZOT! bottle and squeezing it inside the tyre damage will instantly solidify Caffélatex, sealing holes.WARNING: simply pouring ZOT! on the outside of the tyre, won’t fix major damages.For maximum results, insert ZOT! bottle tip slightly inside the casing through the cut (to create a physical plug of solid Caffélatex inside the tyre).

ZOT! solidifies Caffélatex locally, without compromising its normal lifespan inside the tire.

ZOT! has been engineered to work specifically with Caffélatex sealant formula.Each bottle comes equipped with its under bottle-cage mounting clip, for easy accessibility and fast trail-side repair.

To see Caffélatex + ZOT! fix an 8 mm hole, have a look at the video below:

Caffélatex Tech Video - YouTube

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