Effetto Mariposa Carbogrip 3ml Blister (x15)

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A torque wrench is sometimes not enough when dealing with carbon parts, especially if those parts refuse to stay in place when tightened respecting the recommended torque values.Carbogrip is the perfect complement to Giustaforza torque wrench.

It is basically a special high-molecular weight silicone resin, in spray or blister forms. Applied on a component, it polymerizes in a time ranging from 3 to 5 minutes, creating an extremely grippy surface.


  • prevents part slippage and the dangerous, normal reaction when a seatpost or a handlebar slips at the recommended torque value: over-torquing the bolts!
  • the polymer has anti-seize properties, allowing an easy component removal when needed
  • waterproof
  • doesn’t scratch components (doesn’t contain sand or hard friction powder)
  • electric-insulator (preventing galvanic welding or corrosion)
  • can be easily removed with Carbomove or other petrol-based solvents
  • available as 75ml spray canister or in boxes of 15 blisters (3 ml of liquid resin each)
  • Carbogrip has been originally creates as mounting paste for carbon components
  • works great as thread-lock (steel, titanium, aluminum, carbon bolts)
  • ideal for mountain bike grips: spread inside the grip, it makes sure the grip easily slides onto the handlebar, locking it in place when the resin polymerizes. The grips can then be removed blowing air inside them with a compressor, or with other procedures normally used to remove grips
  • used on the talon of tubeless tyres prevents bead movement for low-pressure riding
  1. Carefully clean/degrease the mounting surfaces. Seatpost: remove grease traces inside the seat-tube too
  2. apply Carbogrip on the component and immediately mount it
  3. tighten the mounting bolts to the suggested torque value
  4. wait 5 minutes before using the component
  5. unwanted Carbogrip traces can be removed with Carbomove or other petrol-based solvents
  • Spray: if not using Carbogrip frequently (or forgetting to put the bottle cap after use) the resin could set inside the nozzle, blocking it. If that’s the case, just remove the nozzle: a droplet of Carbomove (or other petrol-based solvents) inside it will restore its functionality.
  • Blister: if an opened blister is not emptied, the resin will polymerize and close the small opening, preserving the Carbogrip inside for more applications.

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