Effetto Mariposa Octoplus Universal Helmet Pad Kit

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OctoPlus Kit is a universal pad-replacement kit for bicycle helmets, inspired by octopus legendary grabbing ability.

OctoPlus Kit is primarily intended as a fit and comfort upgrade to any helmet, beside being an affordable and effective way of replacing worn-out pads on a otherwise perfectly functional helmet.


the main star-shaped element adapts to any XC/road helmet, providing optimal comfort.

several padding elements allow to get a customized fit.

includes 10 adhesive velcro elements and a chin pad.

external fabric is non-allergic, with anti-microbial treatment.

Made to last:
high-quality foam for comfort, durability and sweat-resistance. Machine washable.

Made in Italy.

Effetto Mariposa OctoPlus KIT Tech Video - YouTube

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