Effetto Mariposa Shelter Road Pack 54mm x 500mm

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Self-adhesive Shelter Road protection is a composite, multi-layered (20×20 micron shock-resistant layers, 200 micron scratch-resistant, total thickness 0,6 mm), transparent compound with visco-elastic behaviour. Shelter Road widely increases the shock-resistance of carbon-fiber or metal structures it’s applied to.

Shelter Road protects from impacts* – spreading their energy within its structure -, is abrasion and solvent resistant, doesn’t yellow and has a semi-structural*** adhesion** to the surface it’s applied onto: normal bicycle washing won’t affect it, but it can be removed – if needed – without damaging the underlying paint.* ref. ASTM D256 Impact test** complying with AFERA 4001*** after 24 hours from application

  • Shelter Road Pack: sealed pack with two 54 x 500mm, 0,6mm thick elements. Ideal to protect one bicycle, adapting the tape to the surfaces to protect.
  • Shelter Road Roll: recommended for shops or teams. Size: 54mm x 5m (0,6mm thick).


1. Clean the area where you want to apply Shelter with alcohol and a clean cloth. Remove traces of dried-up alcohol with a clean, dry cloth.

2. Take the suitable pre-cut Shelter element or cut a custom made Shelter piece, without removing the backing paper.

3. Peel Shelter backing paper on a length of 1 inch/25 mm, freeing the adhesive surface (DO NOT TOUCH THE ADHESIVE SURFACE WITH YOUR FINGERS).

4. Stick the adhesive surface of Shelter on the area you want to protect by applying a firm and constant pressure with your thumbs.

5. Remove the rest of Shelter backing paper progressively, as you position and attach your Shelter element on the area you want to protect. Starting from the center, use your thumbs to push Shelter down, slowly working your way to the sides and applying a constant pressure.


Effetto Mariposa Shelter "shocking" Tech Video - YouTube

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