Garmin Edge 540 Solar

Sale price$688.99

Never stop cycling. No matter your goal, the Edge 540 and 840 series cycling computers can help you improve every day with targeted adaptive coaching when used with your compatible power meter and heart rate monitor. They help you manage your efforts by providing power targets throughout a course plus stamina insights, so you know how much gas is left in the tank. Ride longer with solar charging versions and get superior accuracy under dense tree cover or the urban canyon, thanks to multi-band GNSS technology. Each model features button controls that work in any environment, and the Edge 840 series computers are matched with a responsive touchscreen so you can tap, pan and swipe on the fly. Whether you’re riding road, trail, gravel or indoor, you can benefit from insights and daily suggested workouts that will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and prepare for upcoming races or personal milestones.

Physical Dimension: 5.78 x 8.51 x 1.96 cm
Physical Weight: 0.0849 kg
Box Dimensions: 13.9 cm x 13.7 cm x 5.8 cm
Box Weight: 0.330 kg

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