Q36.5 Be Love O Cycling Gloves

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Be Love 0 Cycling Gloves

The Be Love 0 glove is an experiment in extreme light weight thermal technologies.R&D for the glove began with the idea of slightly warmer product than the Termico Glove (made from our UF Thermal Shell fabric), and, we imagined, an accordingly slightly higher weight.Instead the development of alternative version of the UF Thermal Shell fabric with only two layers and the employment of the recently released Primaloft thread for a soft micro fleece layer of lining within the glove resulted in a 69g per pair end weight (13.5g lighter than the Termico glove) and a comfortably sub-zero temperature range use.

The low weight here functions primarily not as a competitive advantage but as a comfort value, the low volume and suppleness of the glove, combined with the pre-shape pattern (the way in which even when unworn the glove curls forward in the wrist and thumb-forefinger areas, mimicking a riding grip and thus minimizing fabric tension) result in an entirely new feeling for sub-zero riding gloves.

The hand moves easily and without resistance, fingers retain their agility in the tasks of shifting or accessing pockets.The glove also features lateral reflective panels, palm padding and Japanese micro-suede panels on the palm and all fingers.


  • 45% Polyester
  • 19% Polyamide
  • 13% Elastane
  • 23% Polyurethane


  • 69 g


  • Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 0°C
Size: S

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