Q36.5 Bibshorts Salopette Vented Black

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Q36.5 Bibshorts Salopette Vented

While the Salopette L1 is your 160g teacher, increasing proprioceptivity, bringing you to a greater self-awareness of your limbs, reducing muscle vibrations and elastically guiding your pedaling motion, the Salopette Vented is the 138g Q36.5 bib short for the other days… the days on which you want to unleash your carefully trained explosiveness. The production of new tactile sensations is at the heart of the Q36.5 project and the Vented is the result of Q36.5 experiments with producing the lightest, most unrestrained, most ‘barely-there’ and free-feeling bib short possible without making concessions to comfort, safety (particularly UV) and support. The Vented shares its DNA with the L1 but introduces an additional 2 panels, a new set of ultralight fabrics and a new chamois construction.

Technical SpecificationsMaterials63% Polyamide 6.636% Elastane1% Carbon Fibre (PAC)Weight138 gWhenBody Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 18°CMade in Italy

Size: S

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