Q36.5 Dottore Clima Summer Gloves

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Matching the Clima Jerseys and using the same innovative materials, the Clima Unique Summer cycling Gloves provide an excellent level of thermoregulation and comfort for hot, long days in the saddle.

If you are the type to have given up on wearing gloves because you can’t find any that fit comfortably, then have a look at our exceptional Clima Unique Summer cycling Gloves. Combining the Unique three-dimensional seamless elastic palm with the Clima Graphene Yarn Technology for the upper material makes this cycling glove the most comfortable and thermoregulating in our lineup. The palm of the hand is made from a material that has the elasticity required to shape completely to the contours of your palm without requiring any stitching for panels, so that you’ll never feel any seam-induced pressure points while gripping the handlebars. Similarly well designed, the padding improves blood flow and thus protects from tingling.

Due to the multi-directional curvature and the hand-mapping construction, the palm area has different support zones and we use high-density perforated foam to maximize comfort. The center of the palm is laser perforated to increase breathability. What sets the Clima Unique Glove apart from the Unique Glove is the use of Graphene Yarn Technology for the upper material. The secret is in the use of graphene fibers which we’ve chosen due to their excellent conductive properties. In addition to that, the fiber also provides incredible heat dissipation to enhance the efficiency of the material’s thermoregulation properties.

Available in multiple colorways to match the Clima Jerseys, the Q36.5 Clima Unique Summer Gloves can convert even the most skeptical anti-glove cyclist. They will enhance your comfort and protect your hands in all types of summer conditions. 

Previously known as the Clima UNIQUE Summer Gloves.

Colour: White
Size: XS

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