Q36.5 Dottore Clima Road Shoes

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The Q36.5 Dottore Clima Road Cycling Shoes take on board the technology that makes our UNIQUE Shoes exceptional in terms of fit and power transfer, while enhancing thermoregulation using the innovative UNIBODY KNITTED technology for the upper. They complete our summer Clima Collection thanks to this emphasis on breathability and moisture transfer in the warmest riding conditions.

Made with the innovative UNIBODY KNITTED technology, the upper section of the shoes is extremely lightweight and breathable with a seamless construction that will eliminate pressure points, creating a sock-like fit. The level of comfort allows you to concentrate on your effort while the durability and foot retention will enhance power transfer in the pedal stroke.

The UNIBODY Knitted uppers are made using a multi-density structure which changes densities depending on where it is on the shoe and what is required. The strategic positioning of the densities ensure that the uppers offer extra support where required while enhancing the overall sock-like fit and comfort.

Worked into the material is a multi-modules force structure, which employs different types of filaments that create special stability and padding structures. The entire piece is made using our proprietary technology without the use of TPU reinforcements resulting in a glue-free construction. This process is more ecologically friendly and enhances breathability since TPU applications typically reduce breathability. To ensure exceptional power transfer, the carbon outsole works with the natural movement of the foot while the Solestar footbed places the foot in its Optimal Neutral Position for enhanced comfort.

Perfect for racing and training in the hottest, most intense situations, the Q36.5 Dottore Clima Road Shoes provide a new standard in comfort and performance.

Size: 38
Colour: Black

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