Q36.5 Gregarius Grid Skin Bib Shorts

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Gregarius Grid Skin Cycling Bib Shorts

The Q36.5 Gregarius Grid Skin Cycling Bib Shorts have been developed using an innovative process and technology to protect the rider’s skin in the event of a crash. The newly developed 4D printing technology GRDXKN® enables us to print a protective structure into the fabric of the material.

This printing technology turns common fabrics into smart textiles. The material properties of the GRDXKN® have been successfully tested in crash simulations up to 100 km/h. The fine textiles used are reinforced and padded while remaining particularly light and flexible. GRDXKN® clothing can be washed normally and are an example of our continuing focus on a more eco-sustainable approach since they are made from 100% recycled material.

The bib shorts are also distinguished by the pre-shape cut that we’ve employed to provide the most ergonomic fit to enhance not only performance but comfort. Thanks to our detailed research into body mapping with a focus on reducing the number of seams, we have been able to place our panels in ways that support the muscles during the pedal stroke.

The raw cut of the leg cuffs adds to the level of comfort thanks to the clever finishing that eschews the use of silicone while still ensuring the leg band stays in place. The lumbar support panel made from high density stretch woven fabric augmented with silver thread actively improves stability and body alignment during the pedal stroke. The straps have been made light and breathable while still offering exceptional support.

Our C-Interface innovative pattern eliminates the central seam which typically causes pressure and discomfort while on the saddle. The pattern replicates the contact surface of the saddle and is made with a molded fabric that adapts naturally to the different typology of saddles.

The chamois uses a new three-dimensional Super Molded-Anatomic construction that better follows the anatomy of the human body and offers augmented comfort during the ride. The foam padding has been calibrated according to the scheme of variable densities and thicknesses in the perineal, ischiatic, genital and gluteal zones resulting in an extremely sophisticated tuning of its overall comfort.

Adding an extra layer of protection in case of slide outs, the Q36.5 Grid Skin Cycling Bib Shorts enhance not only your level of comfort but feeling of security equally well on long endurance and fast paced intensity rides.

Size: S

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