Q36.5 Dottore Grid Skin Jersey Short Sleeve Navy

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By making use of innovative new materials and technology, the Q36.5 Gridskin Short Sleeve cycling Jersey has been designed to protect the rider if involved in a crash. The newly developed 4D printing technology GRDXKN® enables us to print a protective structure into the fabric of the material. This printing technology turns common fabrics into smart textiles. In fact, the material properties of the GRDXKN matrix have been successfully tested in crash simulations up to 100 km/h. The fine textiles used are reinforced and padded while remaining particularly light and flexible. This integrative system promotes rear ventilation of the printed areas, offering maximum comfort with a significantly higher level of protection and security. The clothing equipped with GRDXKN® can be washed normally. Combining this technology with the Pinstripe X material means that the jersey remains light, moisture wicking, and breathable. The Pinstripe X’s fabric moves moisture away from your skin 50% faster than any other polyester, helping you stay cool even in hot, humid conditions. Breathability also improves by up to 10% on account of the use of extra fine threads in the weaving, effectively helping you to stay cooler because the material is drying faster. Then the HeiQ Smart Temp hydrophilic treatment helps protect the material when you get caught in a sudden summer rainstorm. The material also offers an aero advantage as well due to the roughened fabric face texture and seam-free front. Once you are hitting speeds north of 40km/h. The pre-shaped ergonomic position adds to the aero efficiency, as does our invisible pocket system. The laser cut sleeves and the smooth-running front zipper complete the package, making the Q36.5 Gridskin Short Sleeve Jersey a top performing, incredibly protective top for serious cycling.
Size: S

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