Q36.5 Jersey Shortsleeve R2 Team Gelato

Sale price$185.95

Q36.5‘s Veloce Club Bolzano Vaccaboia is getting some companionship with our newly formed Team Gelato that has it‘s own trademark jersey. This new team is a nod to pro cycling in the ‘70‘s and ‘80‘s when the Italian teams in the peloton were often sponsored by ice cream companies including GIS, Sanson, Sammontana and Algida. Champions such as Moser, Saronni, Baronchelli, Argentin, Visentini and De Vlaminck raced for those teams during those exciting years of cycling. Our Team Gelato is a feel good team for friends inspired by the sun, warm summer days, our Italian cycling heroes and, of course, our country Italy...
Size: XS

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