Q36.5 Pinstripe Summer Gloves Siena

Sale price$74.99

Finding the right balance between performance and protection, the Q36.5 Pinstripe Summer cycling Gloves have been constructed with minimal padding in the palm area, to protect the pressure points against the bars, using a proprietary synthetic elastic micro-perforated suede. The uppers use the UF Pinstripe PRO, a clever refinement of our proprietary smart fabric using silver threads in the fiber, that increases air permeability thanks to the use of the extra fine threads in weaving. The result is even better thermoregulation and faster drying. Lightweight and highly breathable, gloves have been cut with a ‘pre-shape’ pattern, meaning that even when unworn they curl forward in the wrist and thumb-forefinger areas, mimicking the riding position of the hand. The HeiQ Smart Temp hydrophilic treatment makes them perform exceptionally well even in flash summer rainstorms.
Size: S

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