Q36.5 Tri Skinsuit Green

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Q36.5 Tri Skinsuit Green

The TRI-skinsuit is Q36.5 minimalist and extreme vision of the future triathlon skinsuits, weighing in at only 135g (medium size).This ultra light weight, though, is result of the design process, not the objective. The objective, as with Q36.5’s entire family
 of “fourth generation” skinsuits, is to conjugate the latest advances in aerodynamic body mapping (in which different textured fabrics are applied to different parts of the body according to the most aerodynamically effective role of that limb might be) with a ground-breaking degree of ergogenic support, which has always been the “signature” of Q36.5 ever since its founding in 2013, for the rider through the development and strategic use of proprietary fabrics.

Technical Specifications


61% Polyamide
6.636% Elastane
2% Silver
1% Carbon Fibre (PAC)
Weight135 g

Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 18°C

Made in Italy

Size: XS

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