Repente Quasar CR

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Quasar CR is entirely manufactured in Italy. 

The saddle measures 260 mm x 142 mm. The “smart length» of 260 mm ideally compromises between the necessary freedom of movement for the cyclist and, at the same time, a highly ef-fective support when pushing.

In line with the most common industry standards, the Quasar CR rail section is 7x9 mm. The seat inspiration is a «flat» design. The saddle has a large central opening for relieving pressure in the perineal area. The wide rear support surface has been modelled according to the anatomical and ergonomic requirements of Repente's signature "Close fit" design: the marque's iconic shaping that ensures seat comfort without having to use thick layers of padding.

The water-based PU microfibre cover has an anti-slip function: it allows the most effective pedalling position to be easily maintained, without hindering free movement on the saddle.

The shape of the front, tapered at the tip, has been modelled to allow an easy transition from the sitting position to the sprinting position and back.

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