Rotor 2INPower SL DM

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ROTOR 2INpower SL RD. A new era has arrived for 2INpower, the market leader in power measurement, which has been redesigned to achieve a significant weight reduction, improve performance, and simplify assembly of the set.

2INpower SL becomes the most sophisticated power meter, providing all the necessary data to analyze your training down to the finest detail. Individualized sector measurement of each leg allows for accurate power measurement even when using oval chainrings.

Thanks to OCA technology, you can discover the areas where you generate the most power to optimize the position of your Q RINGS. You can also obtain information about pedal stroke biomechanics, which is very interesting for biomechanics experts and enthusiasts, thanks to TORQUE 360.

Rechargeable li-ion battery with up to 250 hours of runtime in laboratory conditions. Electronics inside the axle, with strain gauges on the left leg to measure the left leg and on the right crank to measure the right leg.

• Compatible with ANT+™ and Bluetooth®

• 250 hours of battery life

Crank Length: 155mm

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