Rotor INSpider DM

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INSpider is a powermeter for all kind of bikes, for all kind of cyclists. INspider is a lightweight spider integrated powermeter that delivers a reliable, versatile and advanced watt measurement system. It is compatible with our Q RINGS® oval rings & all ROTOR modular cranks, both 1x and 2x, Road and MTB systems.

INspider has rechargeable battery with coated electronics and strong sealing for water resistance to measure power from inside the spider. It samples combined left-right data to precisely record power output, cadence, TORQUE 360, Optimum Chainring Angle (OCA) & a recommendation of Optimal Chainring Position (OCP).

Weight: 156 grms

Cover of the battery charging spot sold separately.

* Crank arms, Axle & Chainrings sold separately

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