Solestar BLK

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No Compromises
  • High-quality carbon core for maximum stability 
  • Developed for competitive cyclists and triathletes 
  • Uncompromising stability and force transmission

SOLESTAR Satisfaction Guarantee

The Choice Of The Pros

No other insole brand comes close to the acceptance of SOLESTAR among pro cyclists. The number of riders using SOLESTAR is long and continues to grow. Considering that we never give any pro rider any other support than our insoles, we believe this is quite a statement.
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Pictures: Phillipe Gilbert, Pascal Ackermann, Theo Reinhardt.

Unique Concept, Developed And Manufactured 100% In Germany Patented SOLESTAR Principle

Why SOLESTAR insoles differ so much from all other insoles is due to the unique and patented concept behind the insole and the high level of material and production quality. While most conventional insoles consist of soft material only to bed the foot, SOLESTAR insoles guide your foot into the biomechanically best position for cycling. The light yet load-stable fiber core makes sure, they stay that way. The high quality of material also makes the insoles last much longer than any conventional insole.


Solestar Blk - No Compromises

When using SOLESTAR BLK, you never compromise with the material nor the performance. SOLESTAR BLK provides you with 100% power on the pedal: with a stiff, lightweight core made of carbon.
The SOLESTAR BLK has been specifically designed for the requirements in competitive cycling and triathlon. Due to its design, and high quality carbon core, the insole provides outstanding transmission of forces and perfect stability.
SOLESTAR BLK insoles can be worn in any cycling shoe comfortably without any further customization simply by choosing the right shoe size.
Size: 37

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