Solestar Tour

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Freedom to Explore

  • Rigid glass fiber core that also allows roll-off movement
  • Developed for touring riders 
  • Noticeably more comfort in cycling- and athletic shoes
 Available at certified SOLESTAR dealers or online from us.We recommend SOLESTAR TOUR for your everyday shoes, sneaker or other sport shoes. For road and mtb cycling shoes we recommend our SOLESTAR KONTROL or SOLESTAR BLK.

For the perfect size of your SOLESTAR TOUR check the size guide. Measure the length of your existing insoles and choose the appropriate SOLESTAR TOUR size. See below for more details.

The Choice Of The Pros

No other insole brand comes close to the acceptance of SOLESTAR among pro cyclists. The number of riders using SOLESTAR is long and continues to grow. Considering that we never give any pro rider any other support than our insoles, we believe this is quite a statement.

Unique Concept, Developed And Manufactured 100% In Germany


Why SOLESTAR insoles differ so much from all other insoles is due to the unique and patented concept behind the insole and the high level of material and production quality. While most conventional insoles consist of soft material only to bed the foot, SOLESTAR insoles guide your foot into the biomechanically best position for cycling. The light yet load-stable fiber core makes sure, they stay that way. The high quality of material also makes the insoles last much longer than any conventional insole.

Solestar Tour - Freedom To Explore


The SOLESTAR TOUR provides the ultimate support when you explore the world on your bike. They offer great comfort and stability for any cycling activity. The flexible glass fiber core and comfortable cushioning material support you on your bike and allow you to walk in any shoe. Due to its design, the insole provides ideal stability for any shoe, protection against overstressing and is comfortable for riding or walking.

SOLESTAR TOUR cycling insoles can be worn in any shoe comfortably without any further customization simply by choosing the right shoe size.

Size Guide

The following guide helps you to find the right size of SOLESTAR TOUR for your shoes: 1. Take an original insole from your shoe and measure its length. 2. Compare the measured length with the lengths of the SOLESTAR TOUR insoles in the table. 3. Choose the appropriate size.

European Size  Length of SOLESTAR TOUR in cm
37 23,10
38 23,70
39 24,40
40 25,00
41 25,80
42 26,50
43 27,20
44 27,80
45 28,50
46 29,20
47 30,10
48 30,50
Size: 37

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