Wheels Manufacturing PF30 Threaded ZERO Ceramic BB (Black)

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  • Bearings: Enduro ZERØ Ceramic Hybrid
  • Color: Black
  • Bottom Bracket/Frame Interface: PF30, PF30A, BBRight™ Press Fit, Specialized Carbon OSBB*
  • Bottom Bracket Shell Width: 61mm* to 79mm
  • Bottom Bracket Shell I.D.: 46mm
  • Over Bearing Width: 68mm in 68mm wide shell
  • Crank Spindle Diameter: 30mm
  • Weight: 106g
  • Packaged for retail display
  • Will accept 24mm and 24/22mm cranksets using Wheels Mfg. adapter shims
* Specialized Carbon OSBB with 61mm shell width will need additional cup spacers. - Over Bearing Width Dimensions include supplied silicone dust shields Compatible with the following Bottom Bracket Standards (46mm BB shell inner diameter):
  • PF30
  • Cannondale PF30A
  • BBRight™ Press Fit
  • Specialized Carbon OSBB. May need additional cup spacers if BB shell width is 61mm.
Compatible with 30mm spindle diameter cranksets. DOWNLOAD: PF30-THD THREAD TOGETHER INSTALLATION / SERVICE

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