Ashima CL-6B Adaptor

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The Ashima centerlock adapter is a high quality, light weight solution that allows you to mount a traditional 6-bolt disc brake rotor on a centerlock hub.

  • Converts hubs with Shimano centerlock to fit 6 bolt standard discs
  • For 9/10/12/15/20 mm Through Axle
  • Extremely light weight at 22grams

From the Curator:

"The Ashima 6B-CL adapter is the best way to convert your centerlock hub to a 6 bolt interface.

It is simple to install. Just slide the adapter on, and tighten the lockring as you would on a cassette. There are other more complicated and heavy solutions out there like the one from Shimano which still requires the use of 6 individual bolts to thread the rotor onto the adapter, on top of the lockring. The Ashima adapter completely does away with this.

While this design may not be unique, its construction is what sets it apart.

It uses 6 Stainless steel pins to ensure maximum hardness and strength. Other adapters like the ones from DT Swiss, Formula or Ritchey use aluminum pins and are about 1.5x the weight of the Ashima."


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