BLUB Graph Lube 120ML

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BLUB Graph Lube is a high-quality lubricant made up of submichronized graphite combined with organic and new generation waxes. The presence of organic molybdenum particles reduces the friction extending the transmission lifetime.

Due to graphite being the main component, the lubricant produces a resistant and flexible layer that covers all the chain’s links. The main difference between the layer produced by this lubricant and other lubricants is that it is thin and flexible, and does not divide or crack. Graph Lube slides and sticks more efficiently to the chain allowing the optimal greasing and perfect finish that preserves the components from oxidation.

BLUB GRAPH LUBE is a state-of-the-art lubricant, formulated based on natural and synthetic waxes. Contains, among others, ceramic additives such as graphite and organic molybdenum less than one micron.


- The result is a perfect combination, creating a lightweight, flexible, low-friction, longer-life layer for excellent drivetrain performance.
- Eliminates noises, creaks, and improves performance. Smooths the shifting and reduces chain suction from chainring teeth.
- Protects against corrosion and prolongs the life of all components.
- Product certified by Bureau Veritas.


- 120ml: Up to 80 applications  

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