Q36.5 Jersey Shortsleeve R2 Giorgina

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Cycling short sleeve R2 jersey Giorgina

Q36.5 R2 jersey, Q36.5 designed a new Raglan shirt, updating the raglan cut used for a long time in traditional cycling links. After careful studies both in the field of body mapping and aerodynamics, the new Raglan R2 was designed using a combination of different tissues strategically positioned with consequent new look and offering all the advantages of detailed search. The sleeves are made with a aerodynamic ribbed fabric while the front panel is a microphorated fabric and on the back of the shirt there is a honeycomb fabric. Overall, this innovative combination makes the R2 shirt very light (110gr) and very breathable. Historical note: the construction of the Raglan sleeve appeared for the first time on the cycling scene in 1986, when the Dutch PDM team introduced this new cut for reasons of brand visibility; The large PDM logo was extremely visible on the larger sleeve. This was the beginning of the popularity of this mesh style.

  • The fabric is made of 70% recycled polyester fiber.
  • Material: 79% Polyester, 21% elastane.
  • Weight: 110g.
  • Body temperature stability guaranteed above 18 ° C.
  • Color: Giorgina.

Size: S

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