Sqeezy Sports Running Belt with Neoprene Bag – Black

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The squeezy running belt made of neoprene gives a high level of comfort as well as 2 pockets the opportunity during exercise or sport for Wettkampfs Erna Ehrung such as bars, gels or jelly beans sweets or personal Gegensta such as mobile phones or key to transport. The case is made from neoprene material and therefore water-resistant, protects the contents from moisture. The squeezy running belt perfect via 2 pockets for storing sports Erna Ehrung or persoenlichen Gegensta end of the strap. The bag of Squeezy running belt is made from neoprene and is water repellent. The squeezy running belt perfect comprises 2 brackets that a race number can be attached. The squeezy running belt has a wide and flexible belt band and therefore guarantees a comfortable fit.

The squeezy running belt with the bag is close to the body and ensures a secure grip. Bestueckter running belt with pocket set consists of - 1 Squeezy running belt with pocket - 1x Energy Fruit Gum 50 g - 1x drink Gel 60ml Raspberry - 1x Super drink Gel 60ml Lemon + Caffeine

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