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DAAP. "answer" or "solution" in Korean.

Special appearance of DAAP is not for aesthetics.

Engineered structure for the best ride feel, aerodynamics, responsiveness and robustness.

E3 pattern

The 2:1 spoke pattern advanced to the limit, E-cubed pattern. 2nd and 3rd of a three spoke group use the first spoke as a windshield to reduce air resistance, thanks to the close gaps among them. All spokes are purposely designed to have almost the same spoke tension when driving and braking, resulting in a uniform natural frequency, which is the secret to an extremely clean ride feel of the DAAP.

LFR (Local Fibre Reinforcement)

Carbon rims must always absorb the impact and vibration of the road surface, in addition to more than 100kgf of spoke tension. LRF is a carbon layup method optimized for the DAAP spoke pattern, which controls not only the number of layers but also the direction of the carbon prepreg. A carbon layer is added near the spoke considering the magnitude and direction of the force that the spoke pulls, and the rest is made of thin UD carbon that dampens the vibration of the road surface, achieving ideal stiffness and comfort at the same time. The DAAP disc with LFR is 50mm and weighs 1265g/1348g (Tubeless SL/Tubeless standard), and the DAAP sigma is finished with a weight if 1448g (Tubeless).

Proprietary hub for perfection

DAAP disc hub is optimized for the wheel set for best performance. The 18 holes in the front and rear hub features hub flanges that extend to the limit and a carefully designed tangential spoke structure up to 0.01mm and 0.01 degrees, distributing the same spoke tension on both sides. The optimized hub perfectly transfers drive torque during attack and sprint as well as instantaneous braking torque over 3000W.

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